Anne-Marie Woods Reading her Play Scotian Journey on May 10, 7pm at the Black Cultural Centre

Scotian Journey Synopsis and History

Originally written in 2001-2002 when Anne-Marie Woods was a playwright in residence at Young Peoples Theatre, Scotian Journey takes place in the year 2002. The lead character in the play is Sierra Carvery a young woman in her 20’s who has an active imagination and is excited to be heading down home for the Africville Reunion. Now living in Toronto to earn her degree, she took a summer course in World History and has to develop a research paper. Sierra decides to do her paper on the history of African Nova Scotians and learns while doing her research that there was still so much she did not know. The two other characters in the play are Sebastian her friend and poet and Vanessa her best friend from Jamaica. Sierra has a hard time focusing on writing the paper because her vivid imagination brings the stories to life and also because she excels in the ancient art known as procrastination. Scotian Journey uses song, rap, monologues, movement and storytelling to teach the history of African Nova Scotians that still isn’t in today’s curriculum.

Scotian Journey was produced by Black Theatre Workshop in Montreal, the oldest Black Theatre in Quebec in February of 2019. It had a World Premiere as their Black History Tour and reached over 6000 students in the Quebec School system. Feedback and comments from the students and administrative was extremely positive.

“The play is about Nova Scotia, the place where I grew up so it only makes sense that I do the leg work to try to get my play on stage in Nova Scotia.” says Woods

Anne-Marie had the experience of seeing her words come to life under the direction of Jamie Robinson, a director from Toronto. She saw the actors final rehearsals and their first three school shows. This experience lit a fire under her and her focus now is getting Scotian Journey on stage in Nova Scotia in 2020. This will take a lot of hard work and dedication, but that’s what her career is based on. She is looking forward to the reading on Friday May 10, 2019 at the Black Cultural Centre, a place where she performed many times as a youth in Nova Scotia.

Anne-Marie Woods/ Amani Biography

Anne-Marie Woods aka Amani is an award winning multi-disciplinary artist. She’s an arts educator, producer, playwright, director and creative consultant. With roots in London, England and Trinidad and spending her formative years in Nova Scotia, her life and career has always challenged boundaries and blended multiple genres or styles.

Excited to return to Nova Scotia to read an excerpt from her new play Scotian Journey that just had a World Premiere, produced at Black Theatre Workshop, one of the oldest Black theatres in Canada. Scotian Journey tells the stories of African Nova Scotians using monologues, song, spoken word and movement.

In 2001, Woods held the honour of being the first African Canadian to have a featured play called Waiting to Explode at the National Black Theatre Festival in North Carolina. Voted as one of 100 Black Women in Canada to Watch and the 2013 winner of a BBPA Harry Jerome Award for Excellence in Entertainment, she has performed and presented in the UK, Trinidad, and the World-Famous Nuyorican Café in New York City.

In 2016, her Theatrical Rhapsody She Said/He Said was the first one of her plays to be produced by Black Theatre Workshop where it had a very successful World Premiere at the MAI. Her other new play, The Three Friends that focuses on African Canadian History and race relations was part of the Education Series at the Richmond Hill Centre for the Performing arts. Her future endeavours include finishing her new play Why Black Women Whisper and completing her first poetry manuscript and a motivational book for young women.

For more information check out her  website or follow her on IG or Twitter: @Amanisvibe Youtube: AmaniLive or subscribe to her Blog What’s Write About This!

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