Anne-Marie Woods’ play “Scotian Journey” will be part of Black Theatre Workshop’s 48th Season

We are thrilled to announce that our 48th season will bring you even more of the prolific work that speaks to the Black experience! Join us as we present a bold season of theatre that includes a line up of plays all written by Black women –  a World Premiere, multiple Montreal premieres, multiple touring productions, collaborations with several of Canada’s most respected theatre companies and more!

5 Plays
4 Cities
3 Tours
2 Languages = 1 Outstanding Season!

“Our 48th season will be our largest one to date! We are thrilled to celebrate the voices of 5 Black female playwrights, with productions both locally in Montreal and, for the first time in many years, on tour! Black Theatre Workshop takes to the national stage, with presentations in Montreal (Centaur Theatre, MAI – Montreal, arts interculturels), Ottawa (National Arts Centre, GCTC), Toronto (Factory Theatre) and Brampton (Rose Theatre). We’ve assembled a stellar team of artists to share these entertaining and moving stories with you – our largest audience ever!”

– Quincy Armorer, Artistic Director

Scotian Journey is the second one of my plays to be produced by Black Theatre Workshop (BTW), Canada’s oldest Black theatre company. Two years ago in the Spring of 2016 I sat in the audience to watch the World Premiere of my play “She Said/He Said” at the MAI, directed by Quincy Armorer, BTW’s Artistic Director. That was a life changing moment for me. Now, another one of my plays, Scotian Journey will grace the world stage for the first time as part of Black Theatre Workshop’s  48th season; a season that features five female playwrights of African descent. The playwrights include: Donna-Michelle St. Bernard (Sound of the Beast), Trey Anthony (How Black Mothers Say I Love You), Anne-Marie Woods (Scotian Journey) Lorena Gale ( Angélique), and Katori Hall (The Mountaintop).

Anne-Marie Woods – Playwright

My journey with this script has been a long one. It was written in 2001 when I was a Playwright in Residence at Young Peoples Theatre, rewritten several times between 2001 and 2014, had several readings in Nova Scotia at Dalhousie University in it’s early days and finally,  two more readings in Montreal and Nova Scotia in 2016.  That’s a total of 17 years that have lead me to this place.

The story is set in Toronto in the year 2002, but the context of the play is still relevant. I believe that just like Sierra Carvery, the main character, we need to know our history or HERstory, in order to understand present day society. It’s learning Black History that shaped and changed my path as a youth. I struggled with behavioural problems in school and not knowing my history was a huge part of my acting out. I was learning history and other subjects that excluded anything Africentric and when I did learn anything related to my culture, it was often negative. I  learned Black history through the Cultural Awareness Youth Group (CAYG) of Nova Scotia. I credit CAYG and learning to express myself as a writer and performer with helping to shape my path as a playwright and multi-disciplinary artist.

Quote from Quincy Armorer – BTW’s Artistic Director

“Anne-Marie Woods is a talented writer. It was a wonderfully collaborative experience when we produced her play She Said/He Said back in 2016, and we are looking forward to touring local schools in Montreal with Scotian Journey a beautiful piece on the history of Black Canadians in Nova Scotia.”

As a playwright my work is always evolving, so working with Black Theatre Workshop for a second time is an experience that I welcome. As an African Canadian female playwright, I have often had to stage my own work or self-produce in the hopes of getting it noticed. That is not an easy journey, but it’s a realistic one. Our work is not always understood or appreciated but, BTW gives our stories a chance and a voice.  And what an incredible season this is going to be. I am honoured to have the World Premiere of Scotian Journey produced by BTW and I look forward to seeing their vision for my words in 2019.