Amani Live you are fabulous and on point one of the best sistahs comedy showcases I've been privy too your a force to be reckoned with! More updates when I can the show was live...

Posted by Alexis Johnson on Saturday, February 6, 2016


On Friday February 5th I delved head first into comedy by producing my own comedy showcase as part of Harbourfront’s Kuumba Festival Presented by TD. Isn’t that the normal route you take after trying stand up 3x? Check out this article on the Harbourfront Blog about how this idea came into fruition… Interview with the quirkalicious lady Anne-Marie Woods aka AmaniSpecial thanks to Umair, Sergio, Emily, Melissa, Diana, and Jennie from Harbourfront Centre.

For those of you who know me, you know I’m very organized so all the details were worked out way ahead of time and then before I knew it; it was the day of the show. What I can tell you is that nothing prepared me for what happened that night (in a good way). I went to sound check at 7:30pm and the doors were set to be open at 8:30pm for a 9:00pm start time. At 8:30 I was actually in the Brigatine Room at the back making sure everything was cool with the sound guy and they were like “Amani we’re going to open the doors now.”  I shook my head thinking no problem. I expected that maybe 50 people or so would come into the room and before I went backstage I could say hello to some people I knew…well think again! When they opened the doors it was like a Tidal Wave of 300 people rushing in to get a seat. My jaw dropped to the floor and I stood there in a trance repeating, “oh my goodness they really came early, oh my goodness they really came early.” Then I shook myself out of it and tried to head backstage amongst the sea of endless people flowing into the room. On the way to backstage… I see King Cosmos (Friend and Calypsonian) and he said, “I came to support.”

OVER 300 PEOPLE yes I said OVER 300 PEOPLE packed the Brigatine room last Friday – literally the room was at capacity and there was standing room only until there was no more room to stand. One of my good friends did not even get in (so sorry Areta). She informed me that there was still a big line up at 9:30pm and she had to leave. The night was incredible! I could not have booked a better set of female comedians and sketch artists. Zabrina Chavannes, Keesha Brownie and Coko & Daphney Tore up the stage; comically of course! The audience was the BEST AUDIENCE EVER! They laughed and cheered, giggled and guffawed. And before I knew it…it was over. Of course though I am new to stand up I love it and I figure if you’re going to try something then go big; host your own show. I loved hosting but doing the improvised audience interaction segments were my favourite. Check out this review from arts blogger Laura Phillips artseetoronto blog

And so, now what? Well… I’m working on an amazing community arts outreach project and I start teaching my literacy program through spoken word at two schools…okay that’s not what you want to hear? Then…YES, I AM PLANNING TO PRODUCE THIS SHOW AGAIN!! I will definitely keep you posted.

In the meantime enjoy these pictures from the night… (don’t you wish you were there?)