Imani Creative Consulting


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Creative Consultant?

A Creative Consultant is someone that has an extensive background in the performance arts, writing, the not for profit sector, project management and media relations. A Creative Consultant in our context is able to bring a high level of creative expertise to your program or project. We are creative visionaries who can create a strategic plan and time line for your project and who will be with our clients every step of the way. In short… it’s consulting with a creative edge.

Eg. of Creative Consulting Contracts…

If a Corporation is doing health and wellness workshops, and they would like to add improv or some form of creative expression to their workshops; then they would use our company.

If an individual has been thinking about public speaking, but they are afraid and not sure if their vocal quality is good enough, or they are uncomfortable speaking in front of a group of people… then we would customize a vocal coaching session just for them.

If a school is not sure how to address issues of bullying, racism or they notice that self-esteem issues are prominent amongst their students. We can design a series of creative workshops using spoken word poetry or theatre to deal with the issue. We can also create an artivational speech or work on a production or presentation for or with the students of that school that deals with the specified issue.

If a Company wants to talk about diversity issues with their clients and they aren’t sure what approach to take…then we can create a series of diversity presentations using the arts to aid them in that objective.


I don’t understand the voice and speech workshops… is this like singing?

Voice and Speech workshops are designed to enhance your vocal quality. There may be some exercises we do that are similar to singing, but it’s about your breathe and the sound and the quality of your voice. We do exercises that will help to strengthen your vocal chords, get you in touch with how you use your breath when you are speaking. We can work on the tone of your voice if you speak with a nasal quality, and teach you how to breathe from your diaphragm. These workshops also help to boost your self-confidence for public speaking and they help to make you feel comfortable on the job, when speaking with friends, or when you have to address a large audience.

What are some Creative Consulting Contracts that ICC has done?

We have done two extensive contracts with Daniels Corporation and Artscape as a Playwright, Editor, Production Coordinator and Creative Director of a Community Partnership and Fundraising show on the History of Regent Park.

We have partnered with The Toronto Natural Hair and Beauty Show in Toronto, we created theatrical vignettes for the workshops, and we also created a signature monologue to launch their trade show.

We have worked with Elevated Grounds as a Creative Consultant where we did all day group and one on one assessments of their clients’ acting abilities, and then provided written evaluations and assessments to the organization.

We created a signature piece for CUPE Ontario and their conference on Equity and Diversity.