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Artivationally Speaking — (“The Creative Alternative to a Key Note Address”) is a speaker series that was developed to take Motivational Speaking to another level.  We combine motivational speaking with artistic expression and infuse, songs, storytelling or spoken word in our delivery. Founded in 2002, as a response to the need to reach youth in a creative and innovative way, our company has branched out and we have also developed Artivational Speeches as Keynote Addresses for university events, social service agencies and corporations.

Artivate Your Mind — Deals with Bullying, Peer Pressure, issues of Racism and the effects of Pop Culture on today’s youth.  Anne-Marie uses; Storytelling, Spoken Word, Rap, and Dance to tell her own personal story of being a bully in grade school and Junior High.  As a youth her favorite words were, “You and me after school!” and she always heard “Would Anne‑Marie Woods please report to the principal’s office!” over the PA system.  Through weaving in and out of her own story, she touches on what young people watch on TV and its influence, what made her change her ways, and become a more positive youth, and how things that we do as a young person can affect us later, if we don’t change our path of violent behavior and bullying. The stories are real; the characters she creates are real.  Her hip hop song “Pull Your Pants up” that deals with the baggy pants phenomena that started in prison is a sure fire hit with young people.  She’s hard hitting without bring intimidating, she can make you laugh over difficult situations, but most of all this dynamic diva will leave you thinking.  (60 minutes)

The Oral Art of Creative Writing — Storytellers were historians and advisors, they used oral communication to pass on stories, music and important information. The tradition of the storyteller is prominent in many cultures, and the importance of oration and language is a huge part of modern day society. Oral communication comes in many traditional and untraditional art forms, and Woods’ presentation will explore our use of language and the importance of words through music, storytelling, and various forms of performance based poetry. (45 minutes)

Why Black History Month Is For Everyone! — This new artivational speech, answers that question… “Just why is Black History Month in February”.  Learn about Carter G Woodson, the man responsible for Black History month.  Also learn why this month is important to all cultures, and why we must all claim this month as our own.   This speech was developed for a University program in Sackville New Brunswick in 2003 and the response in this small rural town was amazing. Since than she has performed this show in various high schools in Toronto, Ontario. Join Anne-Marie with her unique style for delivering a very important message.  This show has music, spoken word and an artivational speech style.  (60 minutes)

Follow The Leader — What makes a good leader? Can a good leader also be a good follower?  Join this journey that teaches about leadership to pre teens and teens.  Learn that it’s okay to have an education and to stand out in the crowd.  Don’t be afraid to stand out from your peer group, or to take a leadership role in Student Activities, which can include Sports or Model Parliament, Cultural Groups, or Leadership Training.  (45 minutes)

Music Back In The Day — This artivational speech look at music, and how we as a society can take back the music. Have you ever really taken the time to listen to the lyrics that are being pumped across the airwaves?  How did hip hop music originate?  Was it always so controversial?  From present day urban music to the plantations of Africa and the Caribbean, how can we take back the music? (30 minutes)


The D Word (Diversity Vignettes) — The D Word is a series of Diversity Vignettes that deal with the topics of Inclusion/Exclusion. The D Word will bring together a diverse group of people who are committed to supporting diversity in the school or the work environment.  The objective of the presentation is to serve as a bridge between diversity initiatives and to help the participants of the workshops feeling comfortable with the topic of Diversity.  The Creative Vignettes help to break down the idea of systemic barriers, and show that through dialogue, building empathy, and addressing stereotypes, that we can learn how to experience fewer incidence of unfair treatment.
In the hands of an experienced facilitator and professional diverse artists, the presentation of a performance piece will provide a safe environment for people to share their experiences. It is this engagement and deeper cultural understanding that can teach people who are socially distant from one another to learn to share experiences rather than only focus on their differences. 


Unlike our other presentations this usually has 3-5 presenters and a 30 minute after the presentation.

Customized Speeches — Are there issues in your school or a topic that your organization or company would like us to address?  Just let us know and we will develop a new Artivational Speech for you.

Artivational Speeches for schools have a question and answer period at the end; they can be performed for a class room, small group or as a large assembly.  Maximum audience for assemblies — 300 Students

Artivational Speeches as Keynotes, can be developed for large or small audiences, that are part of a conference, assembly, banquet, or festival.