Presentations and Workshops

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Performing and Teaching a Spoken Word Workshop at Bishop Anstey School in Trinidad














(All School Assemblies are for Junior High, High School and University Students)

The Oral Art of Creative WritingStorytellers were historians and advisors, they used oral communication to pass on stories, music and important information. The tradition of the storyteller is prominent in many cultures, and the importance of oration and language is a huge part of modern day society. Oral communication comes in many traditional and untraditional art forms, and Woods’ presentation will explore our use of language and the importance of words through music, storytelling, and various forms of performance based poetry. (45 minutes) (400 Students Max)

Spoken Word ConcertWe will present a spoken word concert at your school fusing spoken word/poetry with personal stories. This show is both educational and entertaining (30-45 minutes) (400 Students Max)

Journey Into MeThis is a brand new assembly for Jr. High and High School aged youth that was developed for a request at Halifax West High School. This assembly talks about my journey as an artist/performer and how I began my speaker series in the schools. It is interlaced with songs, spoken word, movement and stories about race, channeling negative experiences to make things positive and about why you should never give up no matter where you come from. (60 min) (400 Students Max)

Artivate Your MindDeals with Bullying, Peer Pressure, and issues of Racism and the effects of Pop Culture on today’s youth. Anne-Marie uses; Storytelling, Spoken Word, Rap, and Dance to tell her own personal story of being a bully in grade school and Junior High. As a youth her favorite words were, “You and me after school!” and she always heard “Would Anne Marie Woods please report to the principal’s office!” over the PA system. Through weaving in and out of her own story, she touches on what young people watch on TV and its influence, what made her change her ways, and become a more positive youth, and how things that we do as a young person can affect us later, if we don’t change our path of violent behavior and bullying. The stories are real; the characters she creates are real. Her hip hop song “Pull Your Pants up” that deals with the baggy pants phenomena that started in prison is a sure fire hit with young people. She’s hard hitting without bring intimidating, she can make you laugh over difficult situations, but most of all this dynamic diva will leave you thinking. (60 min) (400 Students Max)

Why Black History Month Is  For Everyone! — This Artivational speech, answers that question… “Just why is  Black History Month in February”.  Learn  about Carter G Woodson, the man responsible for Black History month.  Also learn why this month is important to all  cultures, and why we must all claim this month as our own.   This speech was developed for a University  program in Sackville New Brunswick  in 2003 and the response in this small rural town was amazing. Since than she  has performed this show in various high schools in Toronto, Ontario.  Join Anne-Marie with her unique style for delivering a very important  message.  This show has music, spoken  word and an artivational speech style.  (45 min) (400 Students Max)


(All Writing Workshops are for Elementary Schools (Grades 3-6), Junior High, High School and University Students)

The Power to Change! This new workshop uses Performance, Creative Writing, Vocabulary and Oration as a tool to help young people see the power of words and language. Using Spoken Word as a vehicle we will explore the use of language with the theme of Power vs. Weakness and how if we can work on changing our words we can also work on changing our attitude and behaviour.

Finding Your Voice! This new Workshop series uses Performance, Creative Writing and Oration as an innovative and exciting tool for the classroom that empowers youth to express themselves through participation in group exercises and through the use of writing oration and language. Finding Your Voice! is an educational, innovative and interactive workshop for students. It will explore Student Voice, Point of View, and Dealing with Social Justice Issues, and Vocabulary. We will create fun, educational and interactive exercises in the classroom that are appealing to all cultures. This program is meant to run for at least 6-8 sessions in the classroom and an anthology of the students’ work will be produced at the end of the program.

Crossing Borders in the Classroom is a poetry and diversity workshop. Students are in class together but often don’t get a chance to learn about each other’s cultural background or heritage. Here is a great chance to explore Diversity through poetry and discussion. Students will be asked to write down their cultural background or heritage or what they know of it. They will then be divided into pairs or groups of 4 and receive specific creative writing instructions to follow. By the end of the workshop or workshop series the students will reintroduce each other to the class using rhythm poetry and sound, and by having an in class poetic cultural exchange.

Heroes and Sheroes of Black History Poetry and Rap Workshop is a fun and interactive in class workshop that teaches students about African Canadian Men and Women in history that they may not learn about in school. The entire class will be taught the facts on 4-6 key figures in Canadian history and then the class will be divided into small groups to create a poem. By the end of the class each group will have a collective poem for the class and a Black History Month Rap.

Benefits of using Creativity in the Classroom

  • Introduces students who may have problems with literacy to a new way of expressing themselves through creative writing that doesn’t have rules
  • Excites the students because they are creating their own work
  • Stimulates the students ability to ask questions, and formulate phrases, and sentences into a structured written form
  • Provides positive and frequent interaction between the teacher, and the students taking part in the workshop
  • Inadvertently leads to alleviated stress for teachers in the classroom
  • Aids students in expressing themselves in a safe positive environment which leads to better communication and socialization skills which in turn leads to better marks

Using the arts as a creative and relevant way to educate and include students in the creative process can send them a very powerful message. Providing exercises that are interactive and that help the students to discover their voice will have a positive impact on their student life in the school.

All of our workshops reinforce the need for inclusion and not exclusion due to race, behavioural problems, or coming from a marginalized area. We create a safe environment that will foster, promote and cultivate the student’s vocal and creative writing abilities, as well as to develop the art and importance of self expression.

We will customize our workshops or assemblies to suit the needs of your school.